Conference Scope

Below is exploration on entry points and topics towards the main theme of the conference. (non-exhaustive):

  1. Discussing Islamic Syariah implementation on ethical business
  2. Discussing on effective governance on public sector organization and corporate: accountability, budget, professionalism, and etc.
  3. Discussing sustainability reporting and corporate social responsibility
  4. Discussing mechanism for ethical business: regulation, auditor, law enforcement, investor protection
  5. Discussing human resources: gender, inequality, culture, and diversity management in organization
  6. Discussing the role of banking and financial market: Macro-prudential banking (financial stability), constructive role of intermediaries on credit-based financing, long-term financial security and insurance, pension fund
  7. Discussing technology development on business on cultural sustainability, ethical and social issues
  8. Discussion economic disruption on ethical and social issues.
  9. Discussing the role of technical development for inclusive economic development.
  10. Discussing on environmental aspect on development
  11. Discussing “the commons” based on Elinor Ostrom’s work on Common Pool Resources (: governing common toward both social and economic objective, debating the myth “tragedy of commons).
  12. Discussing Financial inclusion: growing type of micro-credit by government, private sectors, communities, women and financial inclusion,
  13. Debating the role of development in infrastructure and financing for development
  14. Discussing public finance: taxation, social security, and allowances (as aid)
  15. Debating poverty (is it socio-cultural problem? Or is it economic one?)
  16. Discussing the role of higher education in solving the problem (and bottlenecks) of equitable growth
  17. Debating public service: the access of service, corruption, increasing efficiency and transparency
  18. Debating rural development: food and tenure, water, agro-ecology
  19. Discussing SMEs (small and medium enterprise): opportunity and pitfall of small-scale enterprise
  20. Discussing economic resilience, on employment (job), investment activity, long-term competitiveness (including on effective and wise use of natural resource)


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